Saturday, December 25, 2021

"Cosplay Worthy" by Q Glide

Kindle Vella cover for "Cosplay Worthy" by Q Glide

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Author's Description

Art, cartoons, and cosplay are Layla Bennet's escape from it all. At Nova, Long Island's Comic Con she meets Vic Williams, her favorite writer and the creator of the character she's cosplaying. To Layla's delight, she and Vic hit it off. After the convention they stay in touch, and their relationship heats up online. With memories of his deep blue eyes and kind compliments about her art still fresh, Layla falls head over heels for Vic. But can a professional really love his fangirl?

Why I Chose it

I haven't really hit the romance part yet, but I don't really care. The main character, Layla, is interesting enough that I'm willing to go along for the ride.

[9 episodes, 1 in the last 9 days]

Who Might Like This

Contemporary romance fans who are also members of any fandom — this may be your jam!

Unrelated Griping

I'm a little bummed Dragon Freehold hasn't found an audience on Vella. (I only have myself to blame — I haven't put enough effort into marketing it.) I'm working on the last episode of season one now, and it's a fun fantasy story.

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