Thursday, December 23, 2021

"Factions: NuGen Society 1" by C.B. Stone

Kindle Vella cover for "Factions: NuGen Society 1" by C.B. Stone

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Dystopian / Fantasy

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Author's Description

2 years ago, Alex woke to utter chaos & desolation in the wake of a magic-laced bio attack on humanity. Since then, she's had one burning goal. Survival. Hiding unwanted magical abilities, she laid low & kept her head down. She'd rather die than work for NuGen, reigning "mob boss" of magical factions who rose to fill the void of power. But when someone close to her is kidnapped, she's forced to form an uneasy alliance with the man sent to recruit her. Was he an ally? Or her biggest weakness?

Why I Chose it

The opening episode has a nice sense of the chaos that would follow a huge disaster. It feels a lot like a zombie story, but I don't think there are actual zombies.

[10 episodes, 4 in the last 30 days]

Who Might Like This

All you zombie/dystopia lovers should check this one out!

Unrelated Griping

Two thoughts:
  1. Whatever you do, check the first sentence of your first episode. It really needs to have a verb, and it also shouldn't repeat the same phrase in two spots. I get it. Everyone messes with their first sentence a lot and after a while you don't even see it anymore, but please, I'm begging you, let your computer read it aloud before you post the story.

  2. If your first episode (labeled "Prologue", because of course it is) begins with a copyright notice that says the exact opposite of what you want it to ("The author grants permission in writing for any portion of this book to be reproduced...") and then continues on with a notice about how they are going to sue everyone and then continues on with how editing is going to happen at some later date and demands that reviewers ignore all errors and this continues on for far longer than one screen... I will laugh for a while, but I will not bother to find the story that may or may not be down there somewhere.

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