Monday, December 27, 2021

"Critical Access Medicine" by Olliver Went

Kindle Vella cover for "Critical Access Medicine" by Olliver Went

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Action & Adventure / Thriller

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Author's Description

I'm an emergency medicine physician with over twenty years experience, mostly in small rural emergency rooms. These stories are based on real events. Details have been changed for privacy but the stories are real. There is a disconnect between what the public thinks happens in an emergency room and what really happens. Nothing is going to change until you first understand what is happening. Read these stories and understand these are real people and it could be you some day.

Why I Chose it

Ever wonder what it's like working cases in the emergency room? Now you can tag along, including for the case of the guy with the nail in his vertebra in the x-ray above. (I'm not a human doctor, but I was a veterinarian, and everything in the first three episodes rings true.)

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