Tuesday, December 28, 2021

"Tenkyuu" by Noelle Nichols

Kindle Vella cover for "Tenkyuu" by Noelle Nichols

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Historical Fiction / Fantasy

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Author's Description

Tenkyuu, a shinobi of the Arashi clan, desires a simple life, but after his grandfather falls ill, the dream of halcyon days is torn from him, and he reluctantly accepts the duties of a storm master. Using his blood talents and wits, he sifts through memories in the rain, bringing justice to those who have passed. A battle of wills is about to begin, man vs. nature, as Tenkyuu searches for his reason to become the next clan leader and the strength to endure the storm.

Why I Chose it

The grumpiness of the protagonist, who shows up to investigate the death of a boy even though he doesn't really want to, immediately makes him likable. Also, I'm a fan of murder mysteries, and that's a thread running through this story.

[15 episodes, 0 in the last 30 days]

Who Might Like This

It's a magical murder mystery set in a secondary world based on feudal Japan. What's not to love about that?

Unrelated Griping

No griping today, probably because I picked this one from a FB post and bypassed the whole "trying to find something through the Vella search interface". I did skip another one that started with a prologue containing at least five names in the first paragraph (all with a date to indicate that it was probably some time in the far past on this fantasy world), but I think I've probably complained enough about prologues already.

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