Thursday, December 2, 2021

"Law-Law Land" by Harper Finch

Kindle Vella cover for "Law-Law Land" by Harper Finch

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Author's Description

Family law - marriage, divorce, custody, adoption, paternity, estates, guardianship - touches every life at some point. These stories come from my 35 years as a family law attorney, beginning in 1983. Names and locations are fictitious but the rest is real. Every time I thought I'd heard and seen it all, a new case with facts stranger than fiction came through my office door....

Why I Chose it

I like to check out the nonfiction offerings. Most of the time you get a glimpse into a completely different life, with details you would never get from someone who hadn't lived it. In this case we also get the viewpoint of a woman practicing law in a small town in the 1980s, another unusual viewpoint for its time.

[6 episodes so far, with 6 updates in the last 30 days.]

Who Might Like This

If you enjoy learning the details of a small community and the lives impacted, check this out!

Unrelated Griping

There are stories in the "recently added" list which have "crowns" but no likes, which means multiple readers have marked the story as the best thing they read this week without anyone ever reading an episode. If authors are going to game the system, I wish they would at least try to make it look plausible.

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