Friday, December 3, 2021

"Love on Paper" by Sarah Madelin

Kindle Vella cover for "Love on Paper" by Sarah Madelin

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Romance / Humor

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"To you, love is only fiction." Marin can't help but wonder...are these harsh parting words from her ex-fiance true? Did watching her parents' marriage end ruin her ability to commit? Ready to confront the past, Marin returns to the setting of her parents' famous love story - a tiny blue cottage on the English coast. Surrounded by sea winds, bittersweet memories, and her own surprising new romance, Marin must ask: Does she believe in love outside of books? And can she accept it for herself?

Why I Chose it

In the first episode, the main character is dealing with her former fiancé's betrayal. And while she's not exactly coping well, the episode manages to show this is an aberration. Lots of gentle humor and some wonderfully layered relationships here.

[11 episodes so far, with 11 updates in the last 30 days.]

Who Might Like This

I'm pretty confident anyone who enjoys low-heat romances will want to curl up with this serial!

Unrelated Griping

Ooh, it looks like they finally added a way to see if a story is complete! (At least, they added it in one place. I'm not sure it shows up anywhere else.) I'm going to be optimistic and assume this means some of the other major-but-easily-fixable issues will be addressed soon.

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