Friday, December 17, 2021

"My Mini Library Romance" by Lina Jubilee

Kindle Vella cover for "My Mini Library Romance" by Lina Jubilee

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Romance / Humor

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Author's Description

Wallflower bookworm Quinn curates her neighborhood's Mini Donation Libraries, paying special attention to the Ooh-La-La Box filled with romance reads. When a series of steamy donated books wrecks her life for a few days, she's left wondering if the author is local. Before she can get her sleuth on for long, a friend introduces her to Allen, a man with deep pockets who wants Quinn to set up a Mini Library on his street--and can take her wildest fantasies from the page to under his sheets. New MWF

Why I Chose it

The idea of trying to keep a steamy romance little library stocked in my neighborhood (or any neighborhood) made me laugh, and that's the kind of humor this book taps into. Plus, the main character didn't have me hitting my head on my desk, so it passes that first test!

[6 episodes so far, with 6 updates in the last 30 days.]

Who Might Like This

Steamy contemporary romance readers who like a side order of humor will want to check this out!

Unrelated Griping

Kindle Vella bonuses for November came out yesterday. (Bonuses are pretty much the only reason all but the top five stories in the whole market are making any money at all — if the bonuses dry up before the readers arrive in bulk, the platform will be dead in a month.)

As usual, it was really random. Is the amount related to page reads? Number of episodes posted?

My bonuses went down compared to the month before despite having posted more episodes. But more people have posted stories (including a whole lot of garbage), so maybe the funds are just spread out to more places.

My other (completely unsubstantiated) theory is it's related to how many links are posted to your story on Vella during the month. (I think it would make some sense — if someone is promoting heavily and bringing new users to Vella, maybe they should be rewarded for that.)

As usual, there's no transparency, so I might as well make a Magic 8 Ball for people to ask if something will affect their bonus...

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