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"The Adventures of Verity Cogswell" by T.L. Demmons

Kindle Vella cover for "The Adventures of Verity Cogswell" by T.L. Demmons

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Teen & Young Adult / Fantasy

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Author's Description

Faeries, alchemy, and mechanics all collide in sixteen year old Verity's world as she comes of age. Join her as she travels towards Aethos, the City of Wonders and her future at the Universitarium of Mechanics and Alchemy. That is, if she can dodge her determined mother and the Brilliant Match she has planned, as well as the demon fae who wants her head on a platter for beating him at his own game.

Why I Chose it

I find steampunk entertaining, and the main character of this story is engaging. Verity wants to go off to learn how to work with the wonders of the world, and her mother wants her to be respectable and get married. By the end of episode one, Verity is planning to escape and the reader is rooting for her.

[6 episodes so far, with 2 updates in the last 30 days.]

Who Might Like This

Fans of steampunk with a plucky young woman adventurer should check this out!

Unrelated Griping

There really are a lot of great stories out there, but you have to be prepared to wade through a lot of terrible ones to find what you want.


  1. re "a lot of terrible ones" - that's why I love having recommendations so much! (It's like fanfic, that way.)

  2. Yes — it is exactly like fanfic! Except most fanfic sites have better search and indexing functionality.
    I'm glad you find the recommendations helpful!



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