Tuesday, December 7, 2021

"The String Conspiracy" by Candace Freilich

Kindle Vella cover for "The String Conspiracy" by Candace Freilich

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Science Fiction / Action & Adventure

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Author's Description

Jo's last invention didn't exactly explode. But after causing chemical burns and thousands in damages, it didn't bring in job offers either. So when she hears there's a reward for finding a missing prototype, it's sleeves up, scanners out. Jo slides from planet to planet chasing leads. But something's off about the trail she's following, and tech failures are taking out her competition. The next one could leave her stranded. Or worse.

Why I Chose it

The first paragraph introduces the main character by saying Jo isn't a thief, and then listing all the tools she has in her bag that would seem to indicate otherwise. There's a nice layer of underdog humor running through this story and a likable and competent main character.

[17 episodes so far, with 3 updates in the last 30 days.]

Who Might Like This

If science fiction with competent, likable characters and a quirky universe are your jam, check this out!

Unrelated Griping

Vella has been up and down all day, but I think that's an AWS problem.

"Just use the cloud, they said. Everything will run perfectly in the cloud..."

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