Monday, December 6, 2021

"Sigils & Sushi" by Nia Quinn

Kindle Vella cover for "Sigils & Sushi" by Nia Quinn

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Fantasy / Paranormal

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Author's Description

Failed witch Immy Cordell makes the best of her day job, checking-in rental cars for supernatural customers flying out of Saskia Springs. Spare change in the cup holder? Cool. Bottle of perfume too big to fly with? Sure. Snapping photos of hotties that come through? Why not? But every now and then, something magical gets left behind, and it's a toss-up whether it'll help pay the bills or cause the next best thing to an apocalypse. Especially when that magical something is a sexy, secretive guy.

Why I Chose it

This is another one of the stories that I came across again and thought I had already recommended but for some reason I hadn't. I'm not sure if it's because it didn't have many episodes published when I first saw it, or if it had so many likes that I thought I should try to boost something else. In any case, it's a great paranormal fantasy that starts out strong, with a main character in an interesting job with magic that may or may not be useful.

[15 episodes so far, with 3 updates in the last 30 days.]

Who Might Like This

Well-written paranormal fantasy with a sense of humor — try it!

Unrelated Griping

Every once in a while someone will post on one of the Facebook Vella author groups about how weird it is that nobody knows about Vella other than authors or how odd it is that the interface is so bad. And every time someone will jump in with "But it's in beta!" as if the company with the most resources on the planet couldn't afford to hire a competent software team. Vella has been a commercial product for 5+ months. Very little has improved in that time.

Anyhow, all I can really say is I wish I was still naïve enough to believe "But it's in beta!" meant the product just wasn't done yet and not "we're still trying to see if it's worth spending more money on it" because the more months go by, the more I think the product is failing to launch. There are some great stories there and I think there's a market for the format.

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