Saturday, December 4, 2021

"Bloodbound" by Maya Kozlova

Kindle Vella cover for "Bloodbound" by Maya Kozlova

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Romance / Paranormal

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Author's Description

Rowan Sinclair was just trying to get through life. Until a couple of thugs saw fit to kidnap her after work one night, babbling on about blood marks and vampires. She figured they were crazy, but that was before she saw the mark, met the enigmatic Leonidas Solari, and was reminded of an ancient heritage she'd tried to forget.

Why I Chose it

This seems like a bit of a variation on the vampire-human paranormal romance genre. I'm interested in finding out how the greek mythology tag plays into it, but that's not clear from the first few episodes.

[7 episodes so far, with 7 updates in the last 30 days.]

Who Might Like This

If you're a vampire lover, this could be your next story!

Unrelated Griping

I know I keep bringing it up, but I'm really curious. At least half the new stories have one sentence per paragraph. The writing quality on all of those is... we'll be polite and call it "not great". I'm not alone in that opinion since they end up with zero likes. So the question is, are they all being loaded onto Vella by one person (or business)?

This leads to the question of whether it is more profitable to dump fifty crappy stories that nobody reads onto Vella, or dump a few crappy stories onto Vella and spend more effort teaming up with people to drive up likes and crowns? Both methods drag down Vella as a platform (because how many readers are going search through 20 obviously terrible stories to find something they might like?), but I suspect they will produce income, at least for the next few months.


  1. The whole Vella concept has not grabbed me. I'm hoping the best of the stories will eventually get published as regular ebooks I can read on my Kindle.

  2. Luckily they changed the rules so that's possible now. So it's really the best of both worlds.



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