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"In Search of Harmony" by Marc Whipple

Kindle Vella cover for "In Search of Harmony" by Marc Whipple

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Fantasy / Romance

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Author's Description

Chris Erikson has been isekai-ed into a world of magical music! Normally, a Song Mage can sing a single pure tone that has a magical effect. But our hero has a unique cheat ability called "Leader of the Band" that enables him to... well, cheat. Now he has to collect a group of Song Mages and teach them to sing in harmony. But there are all kinds of ways to get a Song Mage to sing, especially when they're a beautiful woman who's always been silenced... Updates every Monday!

Why I Chose it

Today's random search word was "harmony". (It gave me a lot fewer random sermons about how God is talking to the author than my search on "speak" did.) I had to look up what "isekai" meant — as far as I can tell, it's basically portal fantasy.

Anyhow, this is another litrpg story, and it leans heavily on that — the main character has a full-death experience, gets sent to another world, and looks up his stats. I was entertained by the first episode. 

Does it seem like this story might veer into "woman are the prize at the end of the video game" territory? Maaaybe. I'm not sure. And it's possible that particular weakness might not bother fans of litrpg as much as it would bother me. So... see for yourself!

[16 episodes so far, with 1 updates in the last 30 days.]

Who Might Like This

Portal fantasy litrpg readers!

Unrelated Griping

I try not to point out flaws in any one story (because yeah, I'm sure someone could find all sorts of problems with my own), but I found a story yesterday that had the phrase "sharp, arcuate bow" three times in adjacent sentences in the first paragraph. I try not to let editing errors ruin my enjoyment of a story, but that just felt egregious. I mean, at least re-read your first paragraph before you publish.

Anyhow, I've decided to put "sharp, arcuate bow" into all my novels from now on.

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