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"Travels with Bessie, Bertha, and Rosie - An RV Adventure" by Stan Cromlish

Kindle Vella cover for "Travels with Bessie, Bertha, and Rosie - An RV Adventure" by Stan Cromlish

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Nonfiction / Action & Adventure

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Author's Description

Bessie and Bertha are the names of the two motorhomes that have been a part of my RV adventure. That started because of a single conversation at a local watering hole with a good friend. Rosie is my red Chevrolet Equinox who follows along when we travel from one locale to another and then takes me to see the wondrous sights once we arrived in places like Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Yellowstone National Park, and other United States wonders. Join us on a learning adventure.

Why I Chose it

I love looking at the nonfiction stories available on Vella because they're all over the place. There are people explaining how to talk to God in the right way, others explaining marketing ideas, and even a woman giving a tutorial in casting black and white magic spells.

Most of the ones about people's lives include some sort of narrative thread about change and growth. That makes sense — we all see ourselves as the protagonist in our own story.

But sometimes you just get episodes about where someone went and what went right or wrong, and this is one of those stories. It really is what the title suggest — a story about motorhomes. Three episodes in, I still found it interesting, and I know a little more about RVs.

[10 episodes so far, with 10 updates in the last 30 days.]

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We've all considered buying a motorhome and leaving home. Find out how it went for this person!

Unrelated Griping

Ugh, the prologues. They're everywhere. Why not just stick a neon sign in your cover image that says "I put all the boring stuff in the first episode but I promise I get to the story later!"?

I am firmly on Team No-prologue.

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